Cognitive/Learning Disabilities

Visitor Center

The Visitor Center can be crowded. You may have to wait for assistance at the information desk or gift shop.

There is a tactile model of the Independence Square buildings near the ranger information desk, as well as a replica of the “Rising Sun chair” that you can sit in.

Tours of Independence Hall and Congress Hall

Ranger tours in Independence Hall and Congress Hall strive to engage multiple learning styles. You may be crowded and tour participants may have to stand close together in some rooms. Please let rangers know at the beginning of the tour if this could present concerns within your group. Rangers can tell you what is safe to touch inside the historic buildings.

Liberty Bell Center

The Liberty Bell Center is typically the busiest and noisiest of all park museums, with crowds sometimes jostling about in the Bell chamber for a photo opportunity. Patience is sometimes required.

Noises and Quiet Spaces

Depending on the time of year and during special events, facilities can be crowded, and city traffic noises are common. Benches outside of the Visitor Center, behind Independence Hall, the Second Bank, and other park areas may provide some quiet.

Security screening is required prior to entering the Liberty Bell Center and Independence Square. There might be a line of people waiting to go through, and there may be loud, sudden beeping sounds from the metal detectors. Security staff may ask you to remove coats, jackets, and belts, and they may have to stand close to you.

Last updated: February 8, 2024

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