Project Write Syllabus

Wondering what the Project Write experience is like? The sample below will give you an idea of the sites and activities that students engage with, whether the program is on-site, virtual, or hybrid.

Week One

Tuesday - Power of Community

Guiding question: How can the power of your voice create community?

  • Visit the Liberty Bell Center
  • Mini-lesson on pantoum poems
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Wednesday - Race, Gender, Power

Guiding question: How can you raise up the voices of those in the shadows?

  • Visit Independence Hall
  • Mini-lesson on hidden stories/micro moments

  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Thursday - Power of Place

Guiding question: How does the power of place influence what stories get told?

  • Visit Dolley Todd House
  • Mini-lesson on creating mood through the use of setting
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Friday - Poe(try) and More!

Guiding question: How does language influence our emotions?

  • Visit the Edgar Allan Poe house
  • Two-sentence scary stories
  • Writing tips inspired by Poe's works
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Week Two

Tuesday - Behind the Walls

Guiding question: How do language and images influence our perspective?

  • Visit Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site
  • Mini-lesson on backstory/character development
  • Write a backstory for a prisoner
  • Writing celebration

Wednesday - Finding Voices

Guiding question: How can we seek out and find the stories that are missing from our dominant historical narrative?

  • Explore the Portrait Gallery in the Second Bank of the U.S.
  • Mini-lesson on hooks and dialogue
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Thursday - Fun and Games

Guiding question: What are you seeking?

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Graduation practice
  • Writing celebration

Friday - Graduation

Guiding question: Why do individuals from the past and today want their voices heard?

  • Culminating pantoum
  • Graduation

Last updated: February 26, 2021

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