Project Write Syllabus

Wondering what the Project Write experience is like? The sample below will give you an idea of the sites and activities that students engage with.

In the past, Project Write has run Monday-Friday for two weeks. This year, however, Project Write will take place Tuesday-Friday, July 24-August 3. Each session begins at 9:00am and ends at 12:30pm.

Monday - Power of the Word

Guiding question: How can the power of your voice evoke change?

  • Visit Great Essentials Exhibit in the West Wing
  • Mini-lesson on portfolios
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Tuesday - Race, Gender, Power

Guiding question: How are issues of power affected by language and images?

  • Visit Todd and Bishop White Houses
  • Writing workshop

  • Lesson on descriptive review
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Wednesday - A House Divided/A Nation Divided

Guiding question: What does freedom look like?

  • Visit President's House Site
  • Discuss Oney Judge
  • Descriptive review
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Thursday - Put Yourself in the Picture

Guiding question: Who do we see in the people, images, and texts throughout the park?

  • Mini-lesson on pantoum poems
  • Take portraits in Washington Square
  • Writing time
  • Writing celebration

Friday - Edgar Allan Poe NHS

Guiding question: How does language influence our emotions?

  • Take SEPTA bus to Edgar Allan Poe NHS
  • Tour of Edgar Allan Poe NHS
  • Create two-sentence scary stories
  • Dismiss from Edgar Allan Poe NHS

Monday - I Declare

Guiding question: How do words affect people and society?

  • Visit Declaration House with Thomas Jefferson
  • Writing time in the Declaration House
  • Book club
  • Descriptive review
  • Writing celebration

Tuesday - Eastern State Penitentiary

Guiding question: How do language and images influence our perspective?

  • Take SEPTA bus to Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Create backstory for a prisoner
  • Writing celebration
  • Dismiss from Eastern State Penitentiary

Wednesday - Benjamin Franklin Museum

Guiding question: How do we tell America's stories?

  • Polish work for literary magazine
  • Visit Benjamin Franklin Museum
  • Visit storytelling benches around the park
  • Writing celebration

Thursday - Seeker Scavenger Hunt

Guiding question: What are you seeking?

  • Graduation practice
  • Visit the Liberty Bell Center
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Writing celebration

Friday - I Declare Publicly

Guiding question: Why do individuals want their voices heard?

  • Breakfast party
  • Take a tour of Independence Hall
  • Graduation reading at People's Plaza

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