Junior Ranger Challenge -- Review a Park Video

Hello Ranger-in-Training,

The job of a park ranger involves more than giving tours and leading hikes. One of our jobs is to review videos before we show them in the park buildings or on a park's website. The videos need to be accurate and interesting.

One of the things that surprised me was how much time it takes to make a video. Someone has to write a script, then it needs to be filmed, and then it needs to be reviewed and edited. Reviewers have to make sure that the person speaking is clear, that the picture quality is good, and that the image on the screen goes with what the person is saying.

Now it's your turn to be a video reviewer. It's okay to be critical because that helps improve the final video.

Your friend,
Ranger Renee
Color photo showing a man with a video camera in the foreground, and a boy reading from cue cards in the background.
Good videos often have a well-written script, camera equipment, on-air talent, and a great review team.

NPS photo


Your challenge: Review the park's video about the Independence Hall tower



1. Watch this video about the Independence Hall tower. It's about 4 minutes long.
2. Read the questions below.
3. Watch the video again, but this time write down your answers to the questions on a piece of paper. There are no right or wrong answers.

Looking for ideas? Check out some examples in the Junior Ranger Challenge Photo Gallery.


Did you enjoy the video?
Was the video too long, too short, or just right?
Could you understand what the person was saying?
Was the picture clear?
What is one thing you learned from the video?

BONUS! Choose a video from this list that YOU want to watch

1. With a grown-up's assistance, check out any of these three short videos: sled dogs at Denali National Park, sand dollars at Redwood National Park or things to do at Olympic National Park . Maybe you'll want to watch all three of them!

Last updated: February 2, 2018

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