Junior Ranger Challenge -- Be a Curator

Museum curators take care of the old things in our park buildings. One way they do that is by looking at the objects in each room every day.

You may have some of these objects at home, but they look different. The mousetrap from George Washington's time looks totally different than a mousetrap today. But, spoons and rolling pins haven't changed much at all through the years.

Your challenge: Count some of the objects in the Todd House kitchen



1. Look at the list of objects below. On a piece of paper, copy down the name of each object, and how many you need to find.
2. Examine the photo below, looking for each item on your list.
3. Cross each object off when you find it.
Color photo of a kitchen with two work tables, and an open hearth.
Study this photo carefully.  You don't have to count everything in the photo, just the items on the list.

NPS photo


Find These Objects

Work table on the left

  • Rolling pin (1) - made of wood, looks like a rod with tapered ends that you use to roll over dough
  • Grater (1) - made of metal with a wooden handle, has holes in the metal used for grating cheese and other foods

Hearth (fireplace) area

  • Copper kettle (1) - a metal pot with a lid used for boiling water or other liquids, has a bright appearance
  • Fireplace crane(1) - metal arm that swings out from a vertical pole in the fireplace

Work table on the right

  • Spoons (2) - spoons made out of pewter, a metal that looks like dull silver


  • Mousetrap (1) - wooden device that looks like a small box with a central pole and two side poles

BONUS! Count the objects in YOUR kitchen

1. On a piece of paper, make a list of six moveable objects in your kitchen.
2. Count them each day for one week. Has anything moved? Have any new objects appeared?

Last updated: February 27, 2018

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