Sunday Recess

Rufus King
Rufus King, delegate from Massachusetts
Charles Willson Peale, 1818

Independence National Historical Park

Sunday Recess

"My present situation exposes me to heavy expenses….I pray you inform me when you will authorize me to draw on you for 200 pounds. A much larger sum is due me but I shall be content t o wait some Time for the balance."

- Rufus King, delegate from Massachusetts to the state treasurer

The Convention was in recess after its fourth full week of work.

The week just past had begun with a masterful speech by Hamilton (NY) on the need for an effective central government which seems to have impressed all of the delegates and convinced few if any of them.

Then, after a thorough analysis of the weaknesses of the Paterson Plan by Madison - it had rejected that plan for patching up the Articles of Confederation, re-reported the Virginia Plan as amended, and begun the second round of discussions on the Virginia Plan. One day after changing "national government" to "Government of the United States", it had again discussed whether to patch up the Articles or provide a new government, reaffirmed its decision to do the latter, and resumed on the Virginia Plan.

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