Still Fishing

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Still Fishing

"No doubt You have heard of the purpose of the meeting---to form a Stronger Constitution on strictly Federal Principles, for the Government of the whole---I hope We may succeed---Our Country expect much of Us---We have sat every day since the 25th of May till last Saturday when We adjourned for one week---

-Pierce Butler to Weedon Butler, August 1, 1787

The Convention was in recess. They had adjourned on July 27 and would reconvene on August 6. The Committee on Style continued to work on assembling a draft Constitution.

The adjournment of the Constitutional Convention between July 27th and August 5th, 1787 provided an opportunity for the delegates to escape "the foul airs" of a hot city and a demanding social schedule. Taking full advantage of this reprieve on July 30th, George Washington recorded the first of four fishing trips he was to take during his brief recess. That Monday, with fellow delegate and good friend, Gouverneur Morris, he went "to one Jane Moore's in the vicinity of Valley Forge to get trout." They fished again August 3rd and 4th: "In company with Mr. Robt. Morris and his Lady, and Mr. Gouvr. Morris I went up to Trenton to another Fishing party ..." Completing his diary entry for the August 3rd outing to Trenton, he wrote: "...In the Evening fished, not very successfully."

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