Convention Adjourned

Roger Sherman
Roger Sherman, delegate from Connecticut

Thomas Hicks, after Ralph Earl, c. 1866
Independence National Historical Park

Convention Adjourned

"I am satisfied with the appointment - except Sherman, who I am told, is disposed to patch up the old scheme of Government."

-Jeremiah Wadsworth to Rufus King

The Convention was adjourned for the day. Over the course of the week, it had adopted rules, tacitly decided to restructure than amend the government, and discussed the executive branch. Much work awaited the delegates.

Jeremiah Wadsworth
Jeremiah Wadsworth
James Sharples Sr., c. 1795-1801

Independence National Historical Park

Connecticut nationalist Jeremiah Wadsworth wrote from Hartford to Rufus King (MA) with second thoughts about the Connecticut delegation. Wadsworth expressed his concern that his initial opinion of Roger Sherman (CT) as someone of like mind may have been mistaken. He warns King, "…he is not easily managed, but if he suspects you are trying to take him in, you may as well catch an Eel by the tail."

Monday, June 4, 1787 A Single Executive

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