Comparing Plans

William Richardson Davie
William Richardson Davie, delegate from North Carolina
James Sharples Senior, 1798-1799

Independence National Historical Park

Comparing the Plans

"We move slowly in our business, it is indeed a work of great delicacy and difficulty, impeded at every step by jealousies and jarring interests.

- North Carolina delegate William Richardson Davie to Governor Caswell

The Convention was in recess after its third full week of meetings. In that time, it had completed committee review of a plan of government, but the delegates were already grumbling about lack of progress and bracing themselves for a long summer in Philadelphia. Why?

Perhaps the members sensed that the issue of an equal vote for each state in the legislature would not stay resolved, and that days of debate and committee meetings would pass before a compromise could be reluctantly agreed to. Perhaps they sensed unease about other decisions, and the twists and turns debate and votes would take in the weeks ahead.

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