The Bicentennial Bell

Black and white image of the Bicentennial Bell's inscription.
The Bicentennial Bell was a gift from Great Britain to the people of the United States.

"…on the side of the Bicentennial Bell are the words "Let Freedom Ring‟. It is a message in which both our people can join and which I hope will be heard around the world for centuries to come." Queen Elizabeth II at the presentation of the Bicentennial Bell, July 6, 1976


To commemorate the 200th anniversary of American independence, the British people presented the people of the United States with the Bicentennial Bell. Cast at the Whitechapel Foundry in London, this gift celebrates the common cause of freedom uniting the two nations.

Queen Elizabeth II spoke at the dedication ceremony in Independence National Historical Park's Visitor Center on July 6, 1976. She expressed gratitude to America's Founding Fathers for teaching the British "to respect the right of others to govern themselves in their own way." Acknowledging a valuable lesson, she emphasized the shared heritage of the principles of the Magna Carta guiding our nations.

The Bicentennial Bell rang out at 11am and 3pm for many years from its tower on 3rd Street between Chestnut and Walnut Streets. The Bicentennial Bell is currently in storage, but will be displayed again in 2026 in the newly renovated Rush Garden.

Bicentennial Bell Facts
Weight: 12,466 lbs.
Composition: Copper and tin alloy
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Note: G below middle C
Inscription: For the People of the United States of America from the People of Britain 4 July 1976 LET FREEDOM RING

Last updated: October 25, 2023

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