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Drawing of Mount Vernon
John Rubens Smith, 1828-1848

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"[Have you] thinned the carrots which were too thick."

-George Washington to his nephew, George Augustine Washington

The preceding week no doubt had been draining and frustrating to many of the delegates. They had decided only a few minor issues and were on the verge of abandoning their efforts over representation in the Senate. The Saturday session ended with every indication that the large and small states would not reconcile their differences.

The week of July 9 ended with many vexing questions still unanswered. Several details relating to representation in Congress were established. For example, the delegates decided that the members of the first branch would be determined by a census every ten years. Other matters, such as tying direct taxes to the number of congressmen, counting 3/5 of "other persons" in the census, and dropping property as a measurement for representation were discussed at length and agreed to by many in principal. Yet the matter of representation in the second branch was still undecided and seemed not to have any possible resolution.

Even with the tension, there was opportunity for compromise.

Monday,July 16,1787

The Great Compromise

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