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Currently, all park buildings are closed. Due to COVID-19, the situation is fluid and park operations could change at any time. Please view the Alerts for updates on closures, capacity limits, and social distancing measures. As of August 2020, the grounds remain open, including the outdoor President's House Site, Washington Square, and Signers Garden. Park rangers rove the outdoor park spaces, providing information. There are no restrooms available at the current time.

Once the buildings reopen, no tickets for Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell will be required this fall. Entrance to Independence Hall will be first-come, first-served, by tour only. Capacity will be greatly reduced. The Liberty Bell Center is self-guided, but will also operate with reduced capacity. Some park buildings will remain closed, even after Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center reopen.


Field Trip FAQs (applicable when the buildings reopen in the fall)

Can you connect with my class online?
The park does not offer virtual field trips at the present time. However, teachers may wish to show our virtual tour videos in their physical or virtual classrooms.

What are the main attractions in the park?
While there are many buildings that comprise Independence National Historical Park, the two main attractions are Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center.

How do I visit? Will I have a guide?
You can lead your students yourself or contract with a tour company. If you opt to lead your students yourself, we recommend using the park's mobile app, NPS Independence, to help guide you. It's a free download. You can use the map in the app along with your smartphone's GPS to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

A number of school groups opt to contract with a tour company. As a government entity, the park does not endorse commercial enterprises. For information on tour operators, check out the Visit Philadelphia web page.

Do I need tickets to visit the Liberty Bell Center?
No tickets are required to visit the Liberty Bell Center. It's free, and entrance is first come, first served.

Do I need tickets for Independence Hall?
Tickets have been suspended for the fall. Entrance is first come, first served.

Can we see Independence Hall without a tour? We just want to look around.
Entrance is by tour only. There is no option to just peek in.

How long does the tour of Independence Hall take?
The tour of Independence Hall is approximately 25 minutes. Keep in mind that your group must pass through security screening prior to lining up for the tour. NOTE: There are no restrooms on Independence Square. Plan ahead!

How long does it take to visit the Liberty Bell Center?
Entrance is first come, first served. Once inside, the length of your visit depends on what you want to see. Some groups pass by the exhibits, opting just to see the Liberty Bell (about 5-7 minutes). Other groups spend some time in the exhibit area (15-20 minutes) before seeing the Liberty Bell (another 5 minutes or so).

How many visitors can enter Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell Center at once?
More information about this will be available soon.

Are there lunch facilities or somewhere to eat if we bring bag lunches?
The park does not have any indoor space for students to eat lunch. Picnicking is permitted in the park, provided that care is taken to discard trash in the receptacles provided. Please remember that open containers of food and drink are not permitted in any of the park buildings.

Where are the restrooms?
There are few restroom facilities within the park. We recommend that you use the restrooms at the Independence Visitor Center (when that site reopens).

Last updated: August 25, 2020

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