Todd and White Houses

July 23, 2012 Posted by: Catherine

Today we visited the homes of Dolley Todd and Bishop White.  Bishop White's mansion had numerous rooms with wallpaper hanging on the walls.  There was a clear distinction of how tall the house was.  The owner of the house was in fact about 6 ft. tall.  There was a protective veil in the bedrooms for protection of yellow fever.

The study was one of my favorite rooms, filled with books about any topic imaginable.  Some were about geography, others were about religion, and some were about the raids and wars of other countries.  I'm surprised that even though the Bishop was a religious man, he learned about many other subjects.

In a middle class family, they lived in a smaller compartment.  Imagine the kitchen connected to the waiting room and Todd's study, and the smells of cooking and the heat and vapors of cooking...unbearable.  It was different and if we were living in the past, it would be so hard to adjust and adapt.  It is easier to live a poor life and transition to a rich life than a rich person transitioning to a poor person.

It surprises me the innocence of the people.  Innocence is such a wonderful and dreadful thing to possess.  There is some information we do not want to know.  Sometimes information will come in pain, in agony.  If someone died, I may never want to know that they died.  However, when seing the cause of yellow fever, I would want to know that female mosquitoes are the cause.  I would want to know other ways of how to cure and help other people.  The ability to endure the knowledge of good and evil, to change the evil and preserve the good, is life. 

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  1. July 23, 2012 at 09:19

    I wonder if the Bishop read all those books. What do you think?

  2. July 23, 2012 at 09:16

    You are wise beyond your years. I enjoyed reading your observations and reactions.

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