The Riddle of Devotion

July 26, 2013 Posted by: Isa

*Author's note:  Here is the poem once again.  Still unsure about whose devotion this is?  The answer is below the poem.


She awaits in a serene meadow.

My lover waits as she has waited for what feels like years.

I rush to her, running so fast I almost fly over those soft blades of grass.

We meet in the sun and embrace, kissing and making love like neither of us can understand.

I love her, and she loves me.

She kisses me harder, and I know this will be the last time we touch.

She wraps her arms around me, and gently bites my face.

I begin to stop feeling.

Her mandables grow wider and wider,

enveloping my face and swallowing it,

I feel peace.

I am at peace.

I love her.

She loves me.

Now we'll be together always.

I've given her my devotion.

I've given our young everything that I am.

So now I will sleep, and dream of our embrace.

It was worth the wait

ANSWER:  The creature consumed by all encompassing devotion is none other than the enigmatic Praying Mantis. However, the Black Widow is also a feasible answer, as it shares similar habits.

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  1. November 21, 2014 at 10:10

    Wow! Great sensory language and made me laugh out loud once I made the connection.

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