Conserving Treasured Landscapes Through Science

The Northern Great Plains Inventory & Monitoring Network includes 13 parks across the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Wyoming. These parks include large areas of northern mixed-grass prairie communities, critical river and riparian habitats, large herds of bison, two of the four longest caves in the world, and historic and archaeological sites. We collect information on park plants, birds, aquatic invertebrates, prairie dogs, water, air quality, and weather and climate and share our results with park managers.

Our network is one of 32 networks across the country established to facilitate information sharing and collaboration in natural resource monitoring in national parks. Knowing the condition of natural resources and how they are changing helps park managers make sound decisions. 


two biologists crouch in a wide grassy plain looking at plants, a third holds a clipboard
What We Monitor

The Northern Great Plains Network currently focuses on seven monitoring programs. Explore them here.

Last updated: August 21, 2018