Data Visualizers

Dynamic ecosystems create dynamic datasets that can change dramatically or minutely with each round of monitoring. Sometimes the only way to detect changes over time (sometimes decades) is for park managers, scientists and researchers to be able to "see" the data with the aid of visualization tools. Data visualizers complement the scientific reports that result from our long-term monitoring program, and often combine multiple types of visual data such as maps, charts, and graphs to help people identify and understand the complex relationships between landscapes, climate, and natural resources.

Explore different types of data visualization using the links below:

a map of the weather stations within Northern Great Plains Network
Climate Visualizer

Make your own climate graphs and tables! Visualize data from air and precipitation monitoring stations in the Northern Great Plains Network.

map of landscape and legend of forest layers
Landscape Dynamics Viewer

Explore landscape dynamics data layers with this user-friendly, interactive map from the National Park Service

A navigation resource of the regions bird data
Bird Data Visualizers

Explore bird population trend estimates, generate maps of survey locations, and run data queries!

Last updated: May 19, 2020