What We Inventory

Black turtle with a red eye and yellow and orange markings, close up and eyeing the camera
Eastern box turtle at Shenandoah National Park


Effective long-term management and stewardship of natural resources in the Mid-Atlantic Network begins with basic knowledge of these resources. To acquire this knowledge, an inventory program was established by the National Park Service with the goals of acquiring fundamental information on a variety of resources, from bibliographic information to species occurrence and distribution.

The inventories compiled existing information, acquired new information, and helped establish a minimum level of data across over 270 parks, which served as a common starting point for natural resource monitoring. As we move into the next decade of inventory and monitoring, a planning process is underway for “Inventories 2.0,” which will apply what we’ve learned and move us to the next phase of baseline inventory data needed to manage parks into the future. Learn more about Inventories.

Inventory Reports

These reports describe the point-in-time surveys that have helped us learn about the resources in our parks.

Species Lists

One part of the initial inventory effort was to compile information on vertebrate and vascular plant species that occur in parks. These lists are a starting point and continue to be works in progress, with information added or modified as we learn more.

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Last updated: August 27, 2018