What We Inventory

Orange newt with black-ringed red spots, crawling in the forest on top of a log
A juvenile red-spotted newt, otherwise known as a red eft.

NPS / Douglas Manning

When the Inventory & Monitoring Program started, a set of 12 basic inventories were identified to help better understand and manage park natural resources. These point-in-time surveys help parks learn about the location, diversity, and condition of their resources including plants, animals, air, water, soils, landforms, and climate.

These initial inventories compiled existing information, acquired new information, and helped establish a minimum level of data at all Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network and other I&M Program parks. The inventories also served as a common starting point for natural resource monitoring and will be repeated periodically dependent upon funding.

For Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network park specific inventories as well as other reports, see the Documents webpage.

Find Eastern Rivers and Mountains Network park species lists here.

Learn more and find links to the 12 basic inventories on the national Natural Resource Inventories webpage.

Last updated: June 27, 2018