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The Living Room of the Truman Home
The Living Room of the Truman Home

NPS, Harper's Ferry Center

Harry S Truman National Historic Site recently partnered with Google to do a virtual tour of the interior of the first floor of the Truman Home, at 219 North Delaware Street.

Although the Truman Home, physically, has three stories, in actuality there are tens of thousands of stories associated with the Home, as each object you see has a story. Each item, too, is carefully inventoried and preserved for future generations.

Because of the weight of the cameras and machines, the upstairs of the Truman Home was not photographed.

You can view the virtual tour of the first floor of the Truman Home here!


The Living Room at 219 North Delaware Street: Then and Now

Bess and Harry S Truman reading Bess and Harry S Truman reading

Left image
The Trumans reading in their living room at 219 North Delaware Street
Credit: Truman Library

Right image
The Living Room today
Credit: NPS

219 North Delaware Street became America's Home thanks to the generosity of First Lady Bess Wallace Truman. Thanks to the talents of Curators and other NPS employees, and the generosity of the American people, the Truman Home still has that's a home.

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3 minutes, 8 seconds

This short video highlights most of the rooms of the second floor of the Truman Home, using photographs of it taken shortly after Mrs. Bess Truman died. The accompanying music, although not played by Harry Truman in this recording, is one that he loved, and taught to his daughter Margaret.


Last updated: September 24, 2021

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