Truman Library Employees

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Dorsey, Pat Kerr
Interviewed October 20-21, 1990

Patricia Kerr Dorsey, an employee of the Truman Library since 1969, helped perform the initial inventory of the Truman home, beginning in 1981 prior to Bess W. Truman's death. Dorsey relates extensive information about the condition of the house and the artifacts within at the time of the home's transfer to the National Park Service.

Interview (pdf - 331KB)

John Martino
John Martino

Martino, John
Interviewed July 31, 1991

John Martino came to work at the Truman Library in 1958 as a custodian. When he retired in 1972, he was an assistant superintendent. Martino accumulated a treasure trove of stories and memorabilia from his association with Harry S Truman as his secondary driver and maintenance employee at the Library.

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Milton Perry
Milton Perry

Perry, Milton F.
Interviewed July 18, 1991

Milton Perry served as the first curator of the Truman Library until his retirement in 1976. Perry had the unique benefit of working closely with Harry S Truman to develop the exhibits in the library.

Interview (pdf - 364KB)

Liz Safly
Liz Safly

Safly, Elizabeth "Liz"
Interviewed August 15-16, 1990

Elizabeth Safly began working at the Harry S. Truman Library in 1962. In her position as research room librarian, she witnessed the development of the Truman Library and Museum. In this interview she discusses the Truman Library and focuses particularly on the inventory of the Truman home that she helped compile in 1981-1982.

Interview (pdf - 365KB)

benedict zobrist
Dr. Benedict Zobrist

Zobrist, Dr. Benedict K.
Interviewed August 30, 1990

Dr. Benedict Zobrist was director of the Harry S. Truman Library from 1971-1994. Zobrist worked to develop the library as a research institution. At the request of Margaret Truman Daniel, he directed his staff to complete an inventory of the Truman home in 1981-1982, then oversaw the transfer of the home from the National Archives to the National Park Service after Bess Truman's death in October 1982.

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