The Truman Car

Harry Truman loved his cars. From his first car, a 1911 Stafford, to his last one, a 1972 Chrysler Newport, Harry took great pride in driving and maintaining his vehicles. He had his cars washed every few days, the upholstry vaccumed, and he never allowed smoking in his cars.

Parked in the garage behind the Truman Home at 219 N. Delaware, Harry Truman's last car, a light green 1972 Chrysler Newport, was purchased only six months before he passed. The car would be used by Bess until she passed in 1982. Truman traded in a 1969 Chrysler and purchased the '72 model in nearby Odessa, Missouri (always looking for the best deal). Supposedly, Harry picked the exterior color, while Bess picked the interior. With less than 19,000 miles on the odometer, the 4-door, 8-cylinder coupe is almost like new.

For the license plate number, Mr. Truman asked the state license bureau for 5745, the date of VE day in Europe, May 7th, 1945, just one day before his birthday on May 8th. The plate number has been permanently retired. The car was inherited by Margaret Truman upon the passing of her mother. Margaret donated the car to the National Park Service which still maintains the vehicle today. The car is visible to visitors to the Truman home during the summer season.


Last updated: April 10, 2015

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