Suit - August 1961

Single-breasted, charcoal-brown sharkskin suit.
Made by Sol Stolowy, Kansas City Custom Garment Company.
Dated 8/14/1961
HSTR 3677

Sol Stolowy made suits for Harry Truman for over 20 years. He worked for the Kansas City Custom Garment Co. as foreman and eventually purchased the company in 1952. He was born in Poland and came to United States in the 1920s.

Stolowy once told Truman, "You know, Mr. President, that I came from Poland where never could a Jewish boy make clothes for a president -- only in America." Truman replied, "In America, everything is possible. I was a farm boy and became president of the United States."

Click the link below to read more about Mr. Stolowy's relationship as Harry Truman's tailor.

Sol Stolowy Oral History Interview

Charcoal-brown suit, HSTR 3677


Suit label, HSTR 3677
This geometric silk lining fabric is used in all Kansas City Custom Garment Co. suits in the collection.


Label inside jacket on inner pocket.



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