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Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter

Carter, Jimmy and Rosalynn
Interviewed October 1991

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter talked about their relationship with Harry S and Bess W. Truman, including their personal feelings about the Trumans' performance in the White House and their visits to Independence.

Interview (pdf - 113KB)
Appendix (pdf - 1.3MB)

Georgia Neese Gray
Georgia Neese Clark Gray

Gray, Georgia Neese Clark and Andy
Interviewed December 19, 1985

Georgia Neese Clark was the first woman appointed as Treasurer of the United States (1949-1953) by President Harry S Truman. She later went on to serve on the Board of Trustees at the Harry S. Truman Library. She and her husband Andy discuss their many visits to the Truman Home over a 20 year period. They provided friendship and support to Bess Truman in the years after Harry Truman's death.

Interview (pdf - 282KB)

Lady Bird Johnson
Lady Bird Johnson

Johnson, Lady Bird
Interviewed June 24, 1997

Lady Bird Johnson visited Harry S Truman National Historic Site on June 24, 1997 with her daughter and granddaughter to research the National Park Service's management policies of the Truman Home.

Interview (pdf - 601KB)

Nancy and Henry Kissinger
The Kissingers with Mrs Truman

Kissinger, Dr. Henry
Interviewed May 7, 1992

Dr. Henry Kissinger describes his only meeting with Harry S Truman at the Truman Library in 1961, while Kissinger was a consultant to President John F. Kennedy. Subsequently as secretary of state in 1975, Kissinger and his wife Nancy Kissinger visited Bess W. Truman in her home in Independence.

Interview (pdf - 586KB)

Nancy Kissinger
Nancy Kissinger

Kissinger, Nancy
Interviewed June 25, 1992

Nancy Kissinger joined her husband in 1975 on a trip to Independence, Missouri, that included a visit to Bess W. Truman in the Truman home. Kissinger describes what she recalls of the visit, including Mrs. Truman's concerns about growing older and being able to stay in her home.

Interview (pdf - 586KB)

Edmund Muskie with Harry Truman, 1968
Edmund Muskie with Harry Truman, 1968

Muskie, Edmund S.
Interviewed March 18, 1992

Senator Edmund S. Muskie discusses his visit with Harry S Truman in 1968, accompanied by his wife, while campaigning with Hubert Humphrey as the Democratic nominee for vice president.

Interview (pdf - 7.45MB)

Alex Petrovic
Alex Petrovic

Petrovic, Alex M.
Interviewed August 19, 1991

Judge Alex Petrovic offers a unique perspective as the legislative representative of the Trumans in Jefferson City, Missouri, as then as an eastern district judge of Jackson County. These positions brought him into occasional contact with the Trumans and reveal Mr. Truman's interest in local political affairs at least until 1970.

Interview (pdf - 2.6MB)


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