Medical Personnel

Marcia Armstrong
Marcia Armstrong

Armstrong, Marcia
Interviewed August 13, 1991

Marcia Armstrong, employed by Upjohn, worked as a nurse for Bess W. Truman from September 1980 until Bess's death in 1982.

Interview (pdf - 274KB)
Appendix (pdf - 34.0MB)

George and Stella Earnshaw
George and Stella Earnshaw

Earnshaw, Stella E. and George B.
Interviewed July 22, 1991

Stella Earnshaw worked for Dr. Charles Allen and as a nurse occasionally aided Bess W. and Margaret Truman. Mrs. Earnshaw, a native of Platte City, Missouri, provides information about the Gates and Wells families located in that area.

Interview (pdf - 137KB)
Appendix (pdf - 2.35MB)

Dr. Wallace Graham
Dr. Wallace Graham

Graham, Dr. Wallace
Interviewed December 9, 1985

Wallace H. Graham, M.D. (October 9, 1910-January 4, 1996) was a colonel in the United States Army when President Truman chose him to be his personal physician and medical advisor. From that point in September 1945 until the death of Bess Truman, Graham was the Truman family physician.

Interview (pdf - 131KB)
Appendix (pdf - 1.67MB)

Alice Gross
Alice Gross

Gross, Alice T.
Interviewed August 16, 1991

Alice Gross worked for Bess W. Truman as a personal care assistant from June 1978 to August 1980.

Interview (pdf - 114KB)
Appendix (pdf - 840KB)

Trudy Johnson as
Trudy Johnson dressed as "Gumdrop"

Johnson, Trudy
Interviewed November 18, 1985

Trudy Johnson was hired in October of 1980 and served as a night time nurse and companion to Mrs. Truman until June 1981.

Interview (pdf - 1.56MB)

Valeria LaMere
Valeria LaMere

LaMere, Valeria
Interviewed November 18, 1985

Valeria LaMere, first nurse and companion, later housekeeper, worked for Bess W. Truman from October 1977 to Truman's death in 1982. LaMere discusses Truman's birthday parties, daily routine, President Carter's visit in 1980, shopping with the Secret Service and local friends and visitors.

Interview (pdf - 5.3MB)

Robert Shemwell
Robert Shemwell

Shemwell, Robert R.
Interviewed August 3, 1991

Robert R. Shemwell, podiatrist, served the Trumans from 1954 until Harry S Truman's death in 1972 and Bess W. Truman's death in 1982.

Interview (pdf - 72KB)

Velma Simmons
Velma Simmons

Simmons, Velma James
Interviewed November 3, 1985

Velma James Simmons was a nurse and companion for Bess W. Truman for sixteen months. Simmons discusses the meals she prepared for Mrs. Truman, the other nurses employed in the Truman Home, and visits by Margaret and Clifton Daniel.

Interview (pdf - 64KB)
Appendix (pdf - 624KB)


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