Friends and Neighbors

Norine Allen, Truman family neighbor.
Norine Allen

Allen, Norine (Mrs. C.H.)
Interviewed July 18, 1991

Norine Allen, widow of Dr. Charles Allen and longtime neighbor of the Trumans, had four daughters in the same age range as Margaret Truman Daniel.

Interview (pdf - 306KB)

Sue Ogden Bailey
Sue Ogden Bailey

Bailey, Sue Ogden
Interviewed August 26, 1989

Sue Ogden Bailey discusses growing up in Jackson County and spending summers in Independence. Just months older than Margaret Truman Daniel, Bailey describes the Henhouse Hicks and games played by the neighborhood girls.

Interview Not Transcribed

Mary Shaw Branton
Mary Shaw Branton

Branton, Mary Shaw
Interviewed July 9, 1991

Mary Shaw Branton has been a life long friend of Margaret Truman Daniel. Branton's mother was a member of the Tuesday bridge club. As children, Branton joined Margaret Truman in producing plays and playing at the Truman house.

Interview (pdf - 156KB)

Jessie Colby
Jessie Colby

Colby, Jessie
Interviewed November 21, 1985

Jessie Colby was an acquaintance of the Trumans throughout their lives beginning in the early 1920s. Her husband graduated with Harry S Truman in the same Ararat Shrine class in 1945. Colby was a co-member of a women's organization with Bess Truman.

Interview (pdf - 205KB)

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Flora, Betty Ogden
Interviewed August 22, 1989

Betty Ogden Flora, seasonal neighbor and childhood friend of Margaret Truman Daniel, recalls activities that occurred at 219 N. Delaware. Flora was involved in the Penny Ice Fund, the Henhouse Hicks Secret Six Society, and many other games with Margaret and the four Allen girls both inside and outside the Truman home.

Interview Not Transcribed

Barbara Gard
Barbara Allen Gard

Gard, Barbara Allen
Interviewed August 27, 1991

Barbara Allen Gard was born and raised in Independence as a next-door neighbor of the Truman family. Along with her three sisters, Gard was a childhood friend of Margaret Truman. The Allen sisters were part of the neighborhood group "Hen House Hicks." Gard explains how Independence residents adjusted to having a President of the United States living in their midst and provides glimpses of life in the 1930s through 1950s.

Interview (pdf - 688KB)

Mary Sue Luff
Mary Sue Luff

Luff, Mary Sue
Interviewed June 21, 1991

Mary Sue Luff, a longtime resident of Independence, discusses growing up, attending school, and interacting with the Truman family from the 1930s to the 1970s. Through her group of friends and eventual marriage to Jack Luff, Mary Sue Luff "watched history" at 219 N. Delaware Street from across the street in the Luff home.

Interview (pdf - 184KB)

Rev. Thomas Melton
Rev. Thomas Melton

Melton, Rev. Thomas G.
Interviewed August 18, 1989

The Reverend Thomas G. Melton (1919-1997) lived at 305 North Delaware, across from the Trumans since 1964. Melton recalls his first meeting with Harry S Truman, daily walks, and neighborly visits with both Trumans.


Elizabeth Sapper
Elizabeth Sapper

Sapper, Elizabeth
Interviewed July 22, 1991

Elizabeth Sapper grew up on North Delaware Street in Independence as a contemporary of Margaret Truman. Sapper relates several stories about plays and other activities which filled the days of Truman neighborhood children.

Interview (pdf - 157KB)

Dorsy Lou Warr
Dorsy Lou Warr

Warr, Dorsy Lou
Interviewed July 17 and 30, 1991

Dorsy Lou (Compton) Warr grew up down the street from the Trumans. Her father Louis "Polly" Compton, a prominent Independence businessman, was a member of Harry S Truman's poker circle and often provided the Trumans with pop and ice cream. Warr relates many stories about growing up in the same neighborhood as a president.

Interview (pdf - 299KB)


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