Getting Started with EarthCaching

GPS Units can be fun tools for exploring Homestead!

Read the guidelines and suggestions posted below, bring your GPS unit and digital camera, and get ready to discover fascinating features of Homestead’s history and geology for yourself!

What you will need to participate:

  • GPS device
  • Digital Camera (optional)
  • A user account at
  • Printout of specific Homestead National Monument of America (HOMErocks) EarthCache information from and a pen or pencil
  • Enthusiasm to explore Homestead National Monument of America!

Things to know before your EarthCache adventure:

  • Access to Homestead National Monument of America is required to complete a park-based EarthCache. Visitors have access to the monument grounds daily from dawn to dusk. The monument facilities are open seven days a week, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Day, and New Year’s Day. Please be advised of inclement weather. Click here for detailed facility information. Click here to find out more about the monument’s calendar of special events.
  • There is no fee for participation in the EarthCache program, and there is also no entrance fee to Homestead.
  • All EarthCaches are located along marked trails. Do not go off trail! Doing so is unsafe and will take you farther away from your destination. Parking is available at the first waypoint.
  • As with all EarthCaches, there are no physical caches to be found. Search for natural features to answer the questions. Learning about the natural wonders of the park when you visit the site is the treasure!

How the Program Works

  1. Set up a membership to access complete EarthCache listings. The basic membership is free!
  2. Find the EarthCache hosted by HOMErocks entitled “Dissected Till Plains”.
  3. The estimated time to complete the EarthCache varies depending on trail conditions, terrain, and your own pace preference.
  4. Log in and print the text of the EarthCache and either download or manually enter the GPS coordinates for the EarthCache objectives into your GPS device. Once in the park, use your GPS device to locate the EarthCache objectives and answer the questions.
  5. Return to the website to log in your EarthCache and give a short statement about your experience. You can also email the answers to the EarthCache questions separately so you won’t give away the answers to future EarthCache enthusiasts.

More Information

EarthCaching is a world-wide phenomenon! If you are interested in finding out more, visit .

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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