Homestead Story Videos

These seven short educational videos, developed in partnership with Lincoln Public Schools (Nebraska) highlight four primary themes within the Homestead Story; Native Americans, immigration, industrialization and agriculture. As part of this video series you will learn about the first and last Homesteaders, and visit two multi-generation Homestead Families. These videos will promote discussions not only in the classroom, but can be used in multiple other settings or venues. We invite you to enjoy learning about America's epic Homestead Story through these videos, and look for this laws legacy in our lives today. Check out all of the Homestead Curriculum options created for a range of ages and interests!

Over 80,000 Nebraska students will be introduced to the Homesteading Story as a result of the work and generosity of the Friends of Homestead National Historical Park, Lincoln Public Schools, and the Nebraska Press Association.

Eight pages of content are featured in a special bonus section of the May edition of Kid Scoop News and will be distributed to students throughout the state of Nebraska. The engaging, age-appropriate material is designed to encourage reading, leading to academic success.

The First and Last Homesteaders
The First and Last Homesteaders

Learn about the first and last homesteaders.

3 generations of homesteaders pose in front of homestead
Agriculture Today

Meet two families whose homesteads have been passed down through the generations.

Teepese on a grassland landscape
Native Americans and the Homestead Act

The Homestead Act of 1862 granted land claims in thirty states and were the traditional or treaty lands of many Native American tribes.

Men and Women wait on a dock, New York City looms in the distance across the bay.
Immigration and the Homestead Act

Immigration patterns dramatically shifted over the course of the Homestead Act.

Man with harrow swipes at wheat.
Farming and Industry

A journey with music through the evolution of agricultural tools during the homesteading era.

Last updated: June 9, 2023

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