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Homestead is lining up unique educational opportunities that tie into the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

Please contact 402-223-3514 to book your field trip and be informed about important information relating to the eclipse.

Safety is of TOP priority during the eclipse.

All students must have protective eye wear - please inquire if you have questions. Glasses can be ordered via this link as well:

We expect hot temperatures thus we suggest:
Wear lightly colored clothes
Wear sun screen
DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS (You are welcome to bring water).

Identify a meeting place for members of your group that may get separated from the rest of your group; we would suggest the information desk at either the Homestead Heritage Center or Education Center.
  • Eclipse Related Programs: Throughout the day there will be many special programs that include presentations by NASA Scientists, launching of a weather balloon, Ready Jet Go as seen on PBS and more. To help you identify the programs you may want your students to participate in please visit the following link (you will need to go to the eclipse button):

Please know that you may want your students to bring bag chairs or blankets to sit-on. We will have a limited amount of seating.
  • Homestead Story: We know that many of your students will be visiting Homestead National Monument of America for the first time. Please know they are welcome to explore the park; by visiting the Homestead Heritage or Education Center’s Museum Areas, watch our award winning film, walk the trails or visit the historic buildings found in the park. If you would like help in identifying activities for your students you are welcome to contact our Education Specialist Ramon Mangual at 402-223-3514 or at e-mail us.
  • Food: We suggest you consider bringing sack lunches; however, food will be served on-site by different commercial food vendors. In addition to food vendors, the Homestead Bookstores will be open.

Click for Additional NASA Eclipse related information and educational materials.

Educational Field Trips at Homestead!

Activities are based upon Homestead's curriculum guide, "Homesteading: The Free Land Idea; An Activity Guide for Teachers, Grade 4-6. And these activities are easily adaptable to suit all age groups. Curriculum materials show how the themes of the Homestead National Monument fit into the school curriculum standards of Nebraska and Kansas. Homestead National Monument also provides Distance Learning opportunities.

Below are the types of Field Trip activities that are available and information about scheduling your field trip.

Homestead Search: Students take a closer look at the Heritage Center by searching for items significant to the homesteading movement. (30-45 minutes)

Day in the Life of a Homesteader: A relay race gets students scrambling to finish their daily chores. (45 minutes)

Stake Your Claim: Students choose a "homestead claim" on the prairie with a partner, then learn how available water, timber and land affected the success of early settlers. (45 minutes)

Prairie Walk: Trail guides are available for teachers to use while guiding their students on prairie walks. Rangers are available to lead these walks upon request. (45 minutes)

Skins and Skulls: This program, led by a ranger, explores the wild world of mammals. Using actual animal hides as well as skulls and castings, this program allows the audience to touch and feel while learning about the diverse wildlife of the region. (30-45 minutes)

Follow the Buffalo: This program, usually led by a ranger, enables students to touch and see items made from buffalo parts in the traditional American Indian way. Students learn about American Indians of the Great Plains and their traditions. (1 hour)

Please make program reservations at least two weeks in advance of your visit. Longer advance planning is suggested for the busy spring and fall season.

Please contact:
Education Program Coordinator
Ramon Mangual
Email a Request

Planning Your Field Trip:

  • One adult must accompany each 10 children. Chaperones should stay with and assist the group at all times.
  • Adults and students are asked to wear easily readable nametags.
  • Good walking shoes and appropriate clothing for hiking on the prairie are recommended. Activities are scheduled rain or shine. Students should dress for the weather.
  • Ticks and mosquitoes are present on the prairie. Students may want to bring insect repellent.
  • Groups are welcome to each lunch at the picnic tables near the Education Center. A water fountain and restrooms are available in both Education Center and the Heritage Center. Food is not allowed in the buildings.
  • Please share with us any special needs your students may have.

Last updated: April 16, 2017

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