Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival

Fiddle Festival

Musicians will be competing for a record $3,350 at this year's Tallgrass Prairie Fiddle Festival! Music fans will be able to listen to and watch musicians; fiddlers and acoustic bands, as they compete at this year's music festival, held at Homestead National Monument of America near Beatrice, Nebraska, Saturday, May 28, 2016. The money will be spread over four categories; The Legends Division for the previous winners, Senior and Junior Divisions and the Acoustic Band Category.

Contestants, fans and family are all invited to spend the day at Homestead National Monument of America for this free event. While at this National Monument you can explore interactive museum areas, hike trails, spend time in historic buildings or do many other fun activities; all free. Food will be sold during this music festival.

Providing financial support for this music festival is the Coffin Family Foundation, Nebraska Arts Council, and Nebraska Cultural Endowment.

Schedule of Events at the Education Center

10 a.m.- Free Fiddling Workshop

11 a.m.- Free Harmonica Workshop- Harmonicas will be available for purchase

12 p.m.- Competition begins!

2016 Fiddle Festival Rules

Fiddle Contest Rules

There are 3 main Divisions of Competition

—Junior–for folks who have played less than 5 years.

—Senior–for folks who have played 5 years or more.

—Legends–for folks who have won 1st place in the Senior Division in previous years.

Each contestant in the 3 main Divisions will play 3 tunes. . .

—a Hoedown (upbeat danceable tune in two or four)

—a Waltz (danceable tune in three)

—a Tune of Choice (a tune other than a hoedown or a waltz, such as jigs, polkas, rags, blues, etc.)

· In the Left Handed Contest the bow and fiddle hands must be reversed. Each fiddler will play 1 tune.

· Contestants may play with one or two backup acoustic musicians, neither to be playing melody. A backup guitarist is available for fiddlers who need one.

· Contestant will be judged on pitch, tone, rhythm, and presentation (showmanship, interpretation, flair, creativity, charisma, adherence to the rules, etc.).

· Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the Junior, Senior, and Legends Divisions.

· Contestants can put their name in the drawing for a free violin courtesy of Nancy Rohn and the Friends of Homestead.


Acoustic Band Contest Rules

· Each band must consist of at least 3 members.

· Each band will perform 3 songs.

· No electric instruments or pickups allowed.

· No drum sets.

· Bands will be judged on their material selection (taste, difficulty, originality), performance (musical ability, tone, rhythm, and overall blend of the instruments and vocals), stage presence (showmanship, connection with audience, humor), and adherence to the rules.

· 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers will win trophies and cash prizes.

· 1st place winners in Senior and Legends Divisions will each receive a pair of Grand Ole Opry tickets, courtesy of the Grand Old Opry™


Rules That Apply to All Contests

· Contestants in all divisions are encouraged to announce each tune and to give a one sentence explanation of its origin.

· All contest songs must have been in existence when the Homestead National Monument was established in 1936.

·All decisions of the judges are final.

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