Education and Training

The National Park Service offers tools for teachers of all levels and students of all ages to teach and learn about history, historic preservation, and American heritage and culture. Explore the resources below and discover our rich collections of classroom lesson plans, professional development opportunities, college-level historic preservation course outlines, toolkits for grassroots and professional preservationists, and more.
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

The National Center for Preservation Training & Technology supports research, technology transfer, training, and education.

Historic map shows an farmhouse, orchard, fields, and a creek.
Teaching with Historic Places

Teaching with Historic Places is a lesson plan series and place-based learning initiative at the National Park Service.

Teaching with Museum Collections
Teaching with Museum Collections

Teaching with Museum Collections offers lessons based on objects found at NPS museums across the country.

Archeology for the Public
Teach and Learn with Archeology

Archeology can teach history, culture, math, geography, and citizenship. Visit to discover how you can learn from it and teach with it.

TPS Education and Training
Learn to Preserve with TPS

Learn how to be a preservationist with these resources from Technical Preservation Services

Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation E&T
Train with the Olmsted Center

Find programs and opportunities in cultural landscape preservation principles and practices at the Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation

NCPE Internships
Cultural Resources Youth Programs

Cultural Resources Youth Employment Programs promote inclusivity and diversity in the cultural resources workforce through internships

Last updated: October 1, 2022