White five-petaled flowers in bloom contrast with their dark green leaves.
Canada, or meadow, anemones start blooming in the tallgrass prairie in May.

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Today farms and pastures cover the Iowa countryside but elements of the state's old natural beauty fill out the landscape commemorating Herbert Hoover's life. As a child in West Branch, President Hoover filled his days with experiences in nature. He swam and fished downstream in Wapsinonoc Creek. His rambles along the railroad bed collecting interesting rocks led to later studies of geology in college. These experiences gave Herbert Hoover an appreciation of the outdoors that persisted throughout his long life.

A red barn sits atop a bright green meadow with brilliant yellow flowers.

Tallgrass Prairie

The tallgrass prairie offers a glimpse of an Iowa landscape that had almost vanished by the time of Herbert Hoover's birth.

A shallow creek meanders through a snow covered park landscape.

Hoover Creek

When Herbert Hoover was a boy, the unnamed creek was just a small stream of water trickling through marshy wetlands.

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