Field Trips

Field trips offer teachers and students a chance to experience up-close historic buildings, artifacts, and landscapes. There is no charge to visit Herbert Hoover National Historic Site or to reserve a guided tour.

  1. Plan Your Visit. Find directions, operating hours, and other things to know before you come.
  2. Reserve. Interested in a ranger-guided tour for your class? Select from the field trips listed below. Field trips can be adjusted for different ages and interests. Book now »
  3. Apply For A Travel Grant. The Hoover Presidential Foundation offers grants to help with travel costs for field trips to Herbert Hoover National Historic Site. Learn more and apply for a grant »
  4. Prepare. Curriculum materials and suggested reading can help you prepare for a field trip. The park's 12-minute film Adventure & Great Undertakings provides a good introduction to Herbert Hoover's childhood in West Branch.
  5. Dress For The Weather. Park rangers move activities indoors only during severe weather like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and floods.
  6. Share The Park. Other schools and visitors may visit at the same time. Prepare for crowding at the small historic buildings in May and on Thursdays and Fridays during the spring and fall.
  7. Keep The Park Clean. School groups may eat lunch at the park's picnic shelters. The picnic shelters have trash containers to help you keep the park clean.


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  • Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

    From Iowa To The World

    Children walk with and admire an elder former president in postwar Warsaw.

    How did daily life of a rural community in the 1870s and 1880s compare to own own daily lives? Did events of Herbert Hoover's childhood motivate his career in public service? What did Herbert Hoover do to be recognized as a good citizen of the world? A visit to historic buildings from President Hoover's childhood helps answer these questions.

    Field Trips,Primary Sources,Student Activities,Teacher Reference Materials
    Grade level:
    Middle School: Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
    Social Studies
  • Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

    Lessons Learned In West Branch

    A teacher's desk in a restored 1870s classroom is seen from a pupil's desk.

    How did Herbert Hoover’s early years in 19th century West Branch influence his character? Which character traits did he learn that made him a leader? Where do we get our own skills for success? A visit to historic buildings from President Hoover's childhood helps answer these questions.

    Field Trips,Student Activities
    Grade level:
    Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
    Social Studies

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