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A man seated at an easel paints and displays finished paintings.
2012 Artist-in-Residence Steven S. Walker at work on one of his landscape paintings

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The National Park Artist-in-Residence Program at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site promotes creative means of communicating the park's national significance and its relevance to park visitors. Selected artists live at the historic site and share its stories through visual arts, performing arts, or writing.



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      Artists-in-Residence At Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

      Heather Heckel, visual artist (2018)

      Erin Anfinson, animator & visual artist (2017)

      Patricia McInroy, photographer & videographer (2016)

      Vivian Hyelim Kim, visual artist (2013)

      Emily Melhorn, writer (2013)

      Steven S. Walker, painter (2012)

      Missy Gaido Allen, photographer (2012)

      Gaynell Gavin, writer (2011)

      M.S. Coe, writer (2011)

      Laura Madeline Wiseman, poet (2009)

      Patricia Rottino Cummins, painter (2009)

      Linda Staats, photographer (2008)

      Will Anderson, radio dramatist (2008)

      Diane Blair Kunzler, visual artist (2007)

      Billie Davids, visual artist (2007)

      Karen Page Crislip, tapestry weaver (2006)

      Caren Hackman, visual artist (2005)

      Gabriel Sokoloff, composer (2005)

      Matt Moyer, ceramicist (2004)

      Thomas Linn, photographer (2002)

      Mary Stieglitz, visual artist (2002)

      Coleen Kobe, visual artist (2001)

      Stephen Longmire, photographer (2001)

      Kristi Carlson, visual artist (2000)

      Judy Sanchez, visual artist (2000)

      Catherine Jones-Davies, visual artist (1999)

      Christine Lohr, visual artist (1999)

      Julie Townsend, visual artist (1999)

      Last updated: November 30, 2018

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