Day Hiking in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

A tree surrounded by steam at sunrise

Crater Rim Trail

Traversing the summit caldera of Kīlauea, Crater Rim Trail includes dramatic views, steam vents, and amazing plant life.

A person standing next to a large lava formation


Explore the 1969-1974 lava flows of Maunaulu and hike to the top of Puʻuhuluhulu Cinder Cone.

Petroglyphs of two human figures in gray rock

Pu'uloa Petroglyphs

Hike across a lava field to the largest group of petroglyphs in Hawaiʻi.

A volcanic crater at sunset

Keanakāko'i Crater

Walk along an old portion of Crater Rim Drive to Keanakāko'i Crater and views toward the massive Halemaʻumaʻu.

Fumes rising from sulphur-covered rocks

Ha'akulamanu (Sulphur Banks)

See where volcanic gases have deposited colorful crystals.

Floor of a volcanic crater at sunset

Halemaʻumaʻu Trail

Hike down to the floor of Kīlauea caldera, with possible longer connections to Byron Ledge, Kīlauea Iki, and Nāhuku.

Hikers on the floor of a volcanic crater

Kīlauea Iki

Descend 400 feet (122 m) through rainforest into a volcanic crater and hike across a hardened lava lake from the 1959 eruption.

Vegetation-covered entrance to a cave

Nāhuku (Thurston Lava Tube)

Walk through lush rainforest and see a cave where a river of lava flowed 500 years ago.

A cinder cone with scattered vegetation

Devastation Trail

Stroll on a paved path through a recovering landscape that was buried by falling cinder from the 1959 Kīlauea Iki eruption.

Overlook into a volcanic crater with trees in the foreground

Kūpinaʻi Pali (Waldron Ledge)

Walk along an old road damaged by an earthquake in 1983 and get panoramic views of Kaluapele

Morning rays of sunshine through forest trees


A loop hike through a unique area of biological diversity with rare plants, birds, and old-growth trees.

A solidified dripping lava flow

Footprints and Maunaiki

Traverse the rugged Kaʻū Desert and see footprints left by Native Hawaiians long ago

A cinder cone with dead trees in the foreground

Uēaloha (Byron Ledge)

Take in views of Puʻupuaʻi and Kīlauea caldera. Uēaloha makes for a great longer hike to the Kīlauea Iki loop and Nāhuku.

A green meadow with red soil exposed

The Kahuku Unit

Don't forget the amazing day hikes and ranching history at Kahuku!

Last updated: May 18, 2021

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