Hike Journal - Keauhou by John Endriss, May 22-23, 2009

Hikers overlook the coast below while on the Keauhou Trail
Hikers follow the Keauhou trail to the coast.

John Endriss

Hike to Keauhou (near Halape in Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park) - May 22 to 23, 2009

1:00 pm - At the start of the trail. Nice day for hiking: very cloudy. Excited

2:00 pm - Finished the first 2 miles in 1 hour. Nice. Gonna head down the first cliff now. Looks like we might have cloud cover the whole hike today.

3:50 pm - 4.8 miles into the trail now. Feet are starting to get sore, but not too bad. When you stop, this is possibly the quietest place on earth.

5:10 pm - 7 miles later and we're at a small beach on the volcano's coast call Keauhou. I'm going snorkeling!

GPS COORDINATES FOR KEAUHOU: N 19 degrees 15.984' and W 155 degrees 14.020'

7:00 pm - the sun has just gone down now. Snorkeling in the protected area to the left was great. Some of the best coral on the island. Tents are set up on a sandy patch near the water.

9:00 pm - without much artificial light our group is heading to bed. A little too cloudy for stars tonight. Hope it doesn't rain!

View of Keauhou at the ocean
Keauhou beach

John Endriss

5:00 am - I wake up to some stars still visible as the sun starts to light up the sky over the cliffs. Glad it didn't rain last night.

6:30 am - The sun is starting to hit the snorkeling cove. I'm going in the water again!

7:00 am - The diving was even better this morning. Saw more fish this time, but I was in 1-2 feet of water almost the whole time. It can get really shallow here! Time to pack up now.

8:05 am - We leave the beach and head to the shelter to fill up our water bottles. We use pills to treat the water there.

8:30 am - Starting the main hike now with bottles full.

10:00 am - Finished the first cliff. Hiking is more difficult today as we are going uphill and the sun is out some of the time.

11:00 am - We stop (for one of several of our breaks today) at the bottom of the second cliff. GPS reading: altitude 1,400 ft. We'll see what it is at the top.

12:15 pm - Stop for lunch at the top of the second cliff. GPS reading: altitude 2,180 ft. We just went up nearly 800 ft. in just about half a mile!

2:15 pm - Finished the hike back: 7 miles long, 2,680 ascent. Tired, but not dead.

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