Geological Features

Flows of molten pahoehoe lava overlapping


Molten lava is only visible during an eruption, but its solidified form makes up the island of Hawaiʻi

A glowing lava lake at night.

Lava Lake

Explore the extraordinary lava lakes of Hawaiʻi.

A vegetated cave entrance

Lava Tubes

Underground passageways built by rivers of lava

A piece of lava rock protruding from the ground with a person looking at it

Lava Trees & Tree Molds

The remnants of trees, frozen in time

A sea arch and coastal cliffs with rough surf

Sea Arches

Elegant formations sculpted by the sea

Sun setting on a volcanic pit crater

Pit Craters

Dramatic and dynamic voids

Steam vent surrounded by vegetation

Steam Vents and Sulphur Banks

The heated breath of the volcano

Mat of light colored fibers sitting on sand

Pele's Hair

Fragile byproducts of mighty forces

Aerial photograph of a patch of forest surrounded by lava


Islands within islands

A cinder cone with a rainbow behind it

Cinder Cones

Hills erected around volcanic vents

Last updated: February 7, 2023

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