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The Underground Railroad - A different kind of battlefield

The people, places and stories that make up the Underground Railroad represent a different kind of 19th-century battlefield. Like a battlefield, the events that took place on this ground and the people who participated in them are long gone. Like a battlefield, the fight was for freedom and the risks were life and death. And, like the secret network that the national monument commemorates, the history here may not be immediately obvious.

You won't see Harriet Tubman represented here in structures and statues, rather, she is memorialized in the land, water, and sky of the Eastern Shore where she was born and where she returned again and again to free others. Tubman would easily recognize this place. The landscapes and waterways that she navigated and used for sanctuary on her Underground Railroad missions have changed little from her time.

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument is a new park. In the coming years, you will see services added to the park done in cooperation with Maryland's planned Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park. Today, you can explore Underground Railroad history and Harriet Tubman's story by enjoying the programs, facilities, and events sponsored and operated by our partners.

The monument's boundary encompasses a mosaic of federal and state lands in Dorchester County, Maryland. It includes large sections of land that are significant to Tubman's early years and evoke her life while enslaved and as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. The national monument includes the following areas. There are no planned national park facilities on these sites.

For local information:

Sailwinds Visitor Center, Cambridge, Maryland
The map and guide, Finding A Way to Freedom, offers travel information and exhibits about Tubman's life and Eastern Shore culture.
Located at Sailwinds Park East in Dorchester County, just off of Route 50 at the foot of the Choptank River Bridge. Admission is free.2 Rose Hill Place, Cambridge, MD 21613; (410) 228-1000.

For information about sites, facilities and programs associated with the Underground Railroad:

NPS Underground Railroad "Network to Freedom" program
The National Park Service's Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program works with individuals, communities and organizations around the nation to research, preserve, and promote historical sites and stories of the Underground Railroad.

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