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Special Park Uses

A special park use is defined as a short-term activity that takes place in a park area, and that:

  • provides a benefit to an individual, group or organization rather than the public at large;
  • requires written authorization and some degree of management control from the National Park Service (NPS) in order to protect park resources and the public interest;
  • is not prohibited by law or regulation;
  • is not initiated, sponsored, or conducted by the NPS; and is not managed under a concession contract, a recreation activity for which the NPS charges a fee, or a lease.

Examples of activities that require a Special Use Permit at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park include filming and/or photography, special events, First Amendment activities, and scattering of ashes.

How to Apply for a Permit

To receive consideration, all requests for Special Use Permits must be made at least 30 days in advance, except for First Amendment activities that require an application be submitted at least 10 days in advance.

Read the Special Use Permit Guideline, choose from the appropriate Special Use Permit, and complete the Special Use Permit application which requires specific information about your requested activity. Fees can be paid by cashier's check, money order, or personal check(s). No credit cards or cash are accepted.

Use the "Long Form" version of the permit applications if your request will:

  • Include large groups/crew/staff for your event.
  • Use multiple locations within the park.
  • Use the park outside of standard business hours.
  • Use the park over multiple days.

Please deliver your application to the park, or deliver by mail:
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
2332 New Garden Road
Greensboro, NC 27410

Filming & Still Photography Permits

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park follows National Park Service regulation and policy for filming and photography activity. For more detailed information on filming and photography on national park lands go to Filming & Still Photography Permits.

What fees will I have to pay?

The National Park Service will collect a cost recovery charge and a location fee for still photography permits. Cost recovery includes an application fee and any additional charges to cover the costs incurred by the National Park Service in processing your request and monitoring your permit. This amount will vary depending on the size and complexity of your permit. The application fee must be submitted with your application.

In addition, the National Park Service has been directed by Congress to collect a fee to provide a fair return to the United States for the use of park lands. The National Park Service uses the following still photography fee schedule:
1–10 people - $50/day
11–30 people - $150/day
Over 30 people - $250/day

Are there other permit requirements?

You may be required to obtain liability insurance naming the United States as additionally insured in an amount commensurate with the risk posed to park resources by your proposed activity. You may also be asked to post a bond to ensure the payment of all charges and fees and the restoration of the area if necessary.



Reservations are required for large groups and school groups due to limited parking. Combined group reservations are limited to 2 buses. Reservations for school groups should be made at least two weeks prior to visiting. For additional information concerning reservations, please call (336) 288-1776.

Last updated: April 2, 2024

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