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10 Minute Battle Map Program

Starting at :15 and :45 past the hour, "Fighting the Battle of Guilford Courthouse" is a short film of an animated historic map to provide visitors with a concise tactical overview of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The historic map was created by British field engineer Lt. Henry Haldane, the day after the Battle.

The Battle Map Program Room is centrally located in glass room of the Visitor Center lobby.

30 Minute Live Action Film "Another Such Victory"

Starting every hour on the hour, between 9 AM and 4 PM, this film is a dramatic, live action recreation of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The film takes the viewer back to North Carolina in the late winter of 1781 as two armies contest the cause of American independence in the South. Beginning at the small hamlet of Guilford Courthouse, the American rebel army of Major General Nathanael Greene is preparing to make a stand against Lord Charles Cornwallis’ smaller, but determined British army. The film puts the viewer there as events unfold—in the line of march and in the midst of action—to hear the sounds of battle and the words of soldiers and civilians, and to share the emotional strain on those whose lives are affected.

Another Such Victory is shown in the main theater, located in the Visitors Center.

Parental Guidance is suggested due to depictions of combat and wounded soldiers in a field hospital setting.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park Museum

Come see actual artifacts recovered from the battle ground! These exhibits explain the course of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution, and introduce visitors to key concepts and personalities of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.

Don Troiani Gallery

In the 1970s, the National Park Service commissed over forty color paintings from artist Don Troiani to illustrate the 1975 park film, Guilford Letters. As a collection, they convey the courage, determination, drama, and brutality of the campaign that determined the outcome of the war for American Independence. Individually they tell their own story.

Don Troiani is a renowned and respected military artist. His historical artwork, a unique blend of action and authenticity, presents an outstanding blend of action and authenticity, presents an outstanding artistic skill with an uncompromising standard of accuracy. His artwork has been featured at a multitude of museums, including the West Point Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, and at many National Park Service sites. This special exhibit was made possible through the generosity of Mr. John Forbis of Greensboro, North Carolina.

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