Painting of Nathanael Greene in blue commander uniform and Cornwallis in red commander uniform
The Commanders

Learn about Major General Nathanael Greene and Lord Charles, Earl Cornwallis. What type of leaders were they?

Watercolor painting of American officer on horseback behind soldiers in a forest
Learn about the American Officers

Who were the American Officers and how did their command and interpretation of Greene's strategy play out?

Watercolor painting of militia laying on ground behind a split rail fence, with standing officer
Learn about the Patriot Soldiers

Greene's army was made of militia and Continental soldiers, this variety determined the effectiveness of his strategy.

Watercolor painting of seven British officers gathered around a map, under a tent
Learn about the British Officers

Learn about the Crown Forces officers who executed Cornwallis's offensive strategy in the dense woods of Guilford Courthouse.

Watercolor painting of the 71st Regiment standing with muskets and wearing bonnets and red jackets
Learn about the Crown Forces soldiers

Cornwallis's Crown Forces were made of soldiers from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Hesse-Cassel, and America.

Watercolor painting of an African American Continental soldier holding musket
Learn about African Americans in the War

Black soldiers fought in every major battle of the Revolutionary War, including Guilford Courthouse.

Watercolor painting of a women in a Revolutionary War camp feeding three children
Learn about Women's Roles in the War

Women participated in the war as camp followers, nurses, or aids. Learn about the women who impacted the battle and the park's preservation


Last updated: September 28, 2023

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