The Louisa County Court Reflects on the Life and Death of David Watson, 1830

[Richmond Enquirer, August 20, 1830:]


At a Court held for Louisa county, at the Courthouse, on Monday, August the 9th, 1830.

Garrit M. Quarles, Esq. rose and said: "I rise to announce to the Court the death of Major DAVID WATSON. He departed this life on the 31st of July last, after four days' illness, of Dysentery.--In announcing the death of Major Watson, I hope I shall be excused for saying a few words in relation to him; for if there was a man upon earth for whom I had more respect and love than for any other, it was he. And did he not deserve to be respected and beloved?--Was he not the good master--the indulgent father--the kind and affectionate husband--the faithful and constant friend--the most dutiful of sons? Was he not the father of the fatherless?--when was his house clear of the orphan, and how often has it been filled with them? Was he not the consistent & republican statesman, the classic scholar, and the beautiful writer? Was he not the pure and disinterested Patriot?--when did his country call upon him, in peace or in war, that he did not render to her all the service in his power; disregarding his own ease and health? When he died, well might we say, that one of our best and ablest men has fallen! He was gone to "that bourne from whence no traveler ever returns." The tyrant, Death, has stilled his tongue and dried his pen;--no more shall we be advised and admonished by the one, or edified and instructed by the other."

Whereupon, the Court unanimously adopted the following resolutions--

1. Resolved, That the members of the Court, its officers and the members of the Bar, deeply sympathise with the family and friends of Major David Watson in their grief for his death.

2. Resolved, That they consider the death of Major Watson a loss not only to the county, but to his country.

3. Resolved, That, as a testimony of respect for the deceased, the members of the Court, its officers, and the members of the Bar, will wear crape on the left army for thirty days.

Ordered, That the clerk of this Court do transmit a copy of the foregoing remarks and resolutions to the editors of the Richmond Enquirer for publication--and thereupon, on motion of Richard Morris, Esq. the Court adjourned.

Teste, JOHN HUNTER, C. L. C.

[selection and transcription by Noel G. Harrison, NPS]

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