The map below (click twice for magnification) is intended to supply a general overview of many of the individually named farms in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District that may be viewed from public thoroughfares.

All of the land and buildings are privately owned. The National Park Service does not provide waysides or other historical or recreational facilities. Please respect the privacy of the owners, and do not enter the properties without their permission in advance.

The map is intended to aid visiting the Landmark District and its conservation-easement-protected landscapes via public roads, or placing into geographic context the historical information given elsewhere on this website. The map is not of engineering- or survey quality, however, and should not be used to determine the formal or definitive boundaries of individual properties or of the Landmark District as a whole. Nor is the map intended to imply that all of the area within the Landmark District boundary is under conservation easement, or identify all of the properties that are in such status. The National Park Service gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this map.

Each of the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District properties under conservation easement has a corresponding deed of easement and related, detailed records, including plats and other deeds, that are part of the public record at the Office of the Clerk of the Louisa County Circuit Court, Louisa, Virginia. Current or prospective property owners and/or their title attorneys are advised to check there as the first step in the event of a property specific question(s) regarding the presence or absence of a conservation easement; its provisions; any formal, recorded amendments; and/or easement-related boundaries. For confirmation from the National Park Service or for its response to property specific questions, contact the Manager of Easements. The Park Service works with the owner(s) of record to review projects that they propose for their properties under the terms of its conservation easements. The reviews are limited to the scope and terms of the easements and follow the National Historic Preservation Act and other laws guiding federal reviews but do not also address any additional reviews, requirements, or restrictions of Louisa County or other authorities, such as those of the county Code of Ordinances. The Park Service does not speak, moreover, to easement-management for those lands where other entities or organizations hold conservation easements, which is often the case in the Landmark District.


Last updated: January 29, 2020

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