Wellington Gordon Receives Appointment to a Three-Man Committee of Safety, 1865

[Richmond Daily Dispatch, March 14, 1865:]

[themes: Civil War—civilian roles, desertion; agriculture; transportation]

{published by authority of the General Assembly}
Joint resolution in relation to the appointment of Committees of Safety. adopted February 25th, 1865.

Resolved, That the General Assembly appoint for each county and city of the Commonwealth, wherein it may be practicable. to discharge the duties hereinafter assigned, a Committee of Safety, consisting of three citizens not subject to service in the army, and with power to fill all vacancies occurring in their respective committees, and appoint any necessary agents in each magisterial district, whose duties it shall be to urge and insure the people to sell or loan promptly to the Confederate authorities all army supplies which, by the exercise of the most rigid economy, can possibly be spared; to organize a systematic collection of all supplies of provisions and clothing which can be procured by voluntary contribution, and transmit the same, by special messenger, to the soldiers in their camps, and to report to the Governor of the Commonwealth and the Secretary of War the name of any officer, agent or employee of any railroad, navigation or express company, who unnecessarily hinders or emptiness the shipment and delivery of supplies contributed for soldiers; to secure the prompt general circulation of the proposition of amnesty for deserters and absentees contained in General Order No. 2 and General Orders No. 4, 1865, Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia; to appoint special agents for ascertaining the names and location of all persons within their respective limits improperly absent from duty in the army; and in case of their failure or refusal to accept the terms of said amnesty, shall take promptly such further steps as may seem most efficient to procure the speedy return of such absentees; to report to the Secretary of War any Confederate officer, and to the proper Commonwealth's Attorney any civil officer, failing or unnecessarily delaying to arrest and return to service any such absentees, and to report to the Judge of the Circuit Court any Commonwealth's Attorney thereof for delinquency in his duty in this respect, and generally to stimulate and encourage the people to active and systematic exertions to sustain the army in the field and to promote the comfort of soldiers' families at home.

A copy from the rolls — Teste:

William F. Gordon, Jr.

C. H. D and K. R.

Resolution Appointing Committees of Safety.
adopted February 25, 1865.

"Resolved, by the General Assembly, That the following appointments be, and are hereby, made to constitute the Committees of Safety for the respective counties of the Commonwealth, in accordance with the joint resolution of the General Assembly, adopted February 25, 1865; and they are earnestly invoked to organize forthwith for the faithful and zealous discharge of their patriotic duties:

Louisa.--Wellington Gordon, John Hunter and Dr. William S. Fowler.

A copy from the rolls — Teste:

Wm. F. Gordon, Jr.

Clerk of House of Delegates and Keeper of Rolls.

All newspapers in the State will copy twice and forward accounts to Auditor of Public Accounts for payment.

Wm. F. Gordon, Jr.

{mh 13--2t}

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