Terrell Family

Terrell Family in Green Springs, 1838

[Some associated properties in Green Springs National Historic Landmark District: Prospect Hill]

[Richmond Enquirer, August 3, 1838]


1. agriculture—crop types]

HAVING made arrangements to settle in the county of Albemarle, Ioffer for sale my tract of Land near the Green Springs, in the county of Louisa, called PROSPECT HILL. It contains 80[?] acres, lies on Camp creek, within a mile of the Green Springs, and adjoins the lands of Doct. James M. Morris, and William Ragland, Esq.; well supplied with wood and water, and with every improvement necessary for farming operations, and for the comfort of a large family. Possession of the dwelling-house, garden, &c., and a large portion of the land, (now covered with clover,) could be given immediately, and entire possession as soon as the growing crop is secured. But a small portion of the purchase money will be required in hand, and for the greater part a long credit would be given. Every facility afforded the purchaser in sowing a crop of wheat—and the crop of corn, hay, &c., now promising to be abundant, will be subject to his use on reasonable terms, if application be made before the 1st day of October next[.]


Louisa, July 27, 1838. 23—8t

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