An Advertisement Reveals an Enslaved Woman's Family Connection, 1838

[Richmond Enquirer, March 15, 1838,]

[themes--Peopling Places; Developing the American Economy

1. African-American life

2. slavery]

TEN DOLLARS REWARD.—Ran away on the 1st day of January last, from the subscriber, living in Cumberland county, Virginia, a negro woman named SALLY, sometimes called CAROLINE, forty years old, inclined to be corpulent, lips very thick, and most of the upper front teeth missing. She was hired last year in Columbia, and is an excellent Cook. We have just reason to believe the said negro to be now lurking on the James River Canal; or possibly she may be in the Green Spring neighborhood, where, we are informed, her husband resides. The above reward will be given to any person delivering the said negro, or securing her so that we can get her again.



Executor of David Shields, dec’d.

Mount Elba, Feb. 19, 1838. 90—w4w*

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