Newspaper Publish a Ghost Story, 1914

[Boston Herald, published in Columbia, South Carolina State, April 26, 1914:]



Each Governs Itself According to Its

Own Sweet Will.

Phillip Hale in the Boston Herald.

The ghost breaker of the melodrama now playing in Boston had little faith in apparitions and great confidence in a revolver. The dramatists and Mr. Warner may be pleased to know that solemn exorcism is still practiced in England. A ghost had annoyed the inmates of Asfordsby, Leicestershire for over 30 years. A few days ago Rev. F. A. Gage Hall, the rector, put on a cassock and a surplice, went into the haunted section of the house and commanded the ghost or ghosts to depart….

How different the conduct of the old family ghost at Ionia, a plantation belonging to the Riveses in the Green Spring region, Louisa county, Va. The guest goes to sleep. He is awakened. An old lady with a sweet face stands with a lighted candle by the bedside, puts the candle down, then tucks the bedclothes tenderly around the neck of the guest, takes up the candle and glides through the shut door or a wall. Not far from Ionia is a house in which the ghost of an old negro family servant rubs the floor of the hall and dining room in the early morning, and in a room above, in broad daylight, a rocking chair will rock, although there is no draft of air and no one ever ventures to sit in this chair.

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