A New Pastor Grapples with the "Great Questions of Theology"

[James B. Taylor, Virginia Baptist Ministers, ser. 2 (New York, 1860), p. 506:]

[Themes: religion]

…Brother [Z. Jeter] George made the University [of Virginia] his home, while he devoted himself almost entirely to theological studies (pursued with Elder John A. Broaddus) and to pastoral labors. He [George] retained the care of the Mountain Plain Church, and assumed also that of Berea,Louisa. The people of the latter were soon won and bound to him, and his labors in their midst were both acceptable and useful. A letter received from him during this year [sometime between 1854 and 1857], in which he referred to his studies, told how he was meeting and grappling with those great questions of theology which meet and trouble every man who thinks at all, and which can only be resolved when upon the knees.

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