Quarles Family at Green Springs

[Some associated properties in Green Springs National Historic Landmark District: Belle Monte]

[Richmond Enquirer, July 4, 1837:]


1. family economics—sawmilling as adjunct to agriculture, different orsubdivided properties within same kinship-network]

VALUABLE GREEN SPRINGS LAND FOR SALE.—Will be offered at public sale, on the premises, on Thursday, the 6th day of July next, the Green Springs farm, called Belle Monte, on which the subscriber lives. The above-mentioned farm is situated about 4 miles from the Green Springs, on both sides of the South Anna river, and contains 510 acres.—Those who wish to examine the land, will apply to John R., or Charles Quarles,residing on the premises, or can consult with Henry W. Quarles, in the city ofRichmond.—The terms of the above sale will be one-third in cash; the remainder in two equal annual instalments—the purchaser giving bonds with security, and adeed of trust, to secure the two last payments.


At the same time and place, and on the same terms, will be offered four other tracts adjoining Belle Monte—two of which lie on the South Annariver, and contain each 600 acres. The other tracts lie adjoining the above, one of which contains 480 acres, and the other, 430 acres—on the latter,there are a good dwelling and convenient out-houses, and a good mill seat, witha plenty of timber convenient.—The same reference as the above.

May 19[,1837] {4—wtds} JOHN R. QUARLES.


[Richmond Enquirer, June 29, 1838:]


1. agriculture—Green Springs as distinct and prized soils-zone, soilrevitalization, crop types

2. architecture—relative age/date of dwelling

3. family economics—sawmilling as adjunct to agriculture, different orsubdivided properties within same kinship-network, emigration to West

4. transportation—hopes for proposed railroad, stage road]

Valuable Green Springs’ Land for Sale.

THE following lands, which were advertised last year, remaining usold are again offered for sale:—

One tract, containing 510 acres, (300 of which are of Green Springs’ soil,) lying immediately on the stage road from Louis[a] Court-house to Charlottesville. On this tract are a good dwellin[g] house, and the necessary outhouses.—It is well adapted to the culture of corn, wheat, oats and tobacco, and very susceptible of improvement with clover and plaster.

Two other tracts, adjoining the above, and containing, each 600 acres, which might be advantageously added to the above tract, of which they were originally a part, or would make good settlements of themselves. Oneach of the above tracts a small farm is opened.

One tract containing 430 acres of good farming land, with an excellent dwelling house, nearly new, and good necessary outhouses. Thereis on it also, an excellent saw mill, just completed and in successful operation.

One tract containing 489 acres of tolerably good quality, but particularly valuable for its fine timber.

The wood lands attached to each of the above tracts abound inexcellent timber, convenient to the above saw mill and very near the locationof the Louisa Railroad, through the latter of which it is expected to pass.

A more minute description of the above lands is deemed unnecessary,as it is presumed those who wish to purchase will first view them; and those wishing to do so, are referred to the subscriber, John R. Quarles, or Mr.Charles Quarles, residing on the premises, who will take pleasure in showing them. These lands are at present valuable because of their vicinity to the Green Springs, and their value must be enhanced by the completion of theLouisa Railroad. Having determined to move to the West, this year, wewill sell bargains in the above lands; and should they not be previously disposed of, they will be offered at public sale, at Louisa Court-house, on Monday,the 9th of July, that being Court day.

Terms liberal, and made known on day of sale.


June 15 [,1838] {11—wtdsr} JOHN R. QUARLES.

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