Friend Job Scott Visits the Camp Creek Settlement, 1789

[Job Scott, Journal of the Life, Travels and Gospel Labours of that Faithful Servant and Minister of Christ, Job Scott (London, 1843), p. 242:]

On first day, the 15th [of the 11th month], we had a meeting at Amelia, to a degree of satisfaction; and that afternoon my dear companion James Ladd and I parted, in much gospel sympathy, and endearment, he going home. On Fourth day, I had a discouraging meeting at Camp Creek, and another next day at Douglas’ meeting, so called: in the first I got but little relief, and in the last, I could not open my mouth in the ministry.

On the First day following, the 22nd of Eleventh month, I was at a meeting at Smith’s Creek, in suffering silence. At this time Satan seemed almost let loose upon me, to buffet me with doubts….

[Relevant Component(s), National Park Service Thematic Framework: Creating Social Institutions and Movements--Religious Institutions; Peopling Places--Community and Neighborhood]

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