Friend Hugh Judge Visits the Camp Creek Settlement, 1784

[The Memoirs and Journal of Hugh Judge…(Philadelphia, 1841), p. 35:]

In the afternoon we reached Elizabeth Hastings’; and on the 17th [of the 12th month], had a meeting at their meeting house, called Douglass’s…. So great is the departure from our christian profession, that my heart was pained to behold the declension, so that such who ought to be way-marks to others do not even keep to the plain language. In the evening, we had a sitting in the family, several of the neighbours being present…and it proved a satisfactory time; divers of them being broken into tenderness, took leave of us affectionately. 18th. …parted under a sense of Divine favour, and rode to Ashley Johnson’s, at Camp Creek, about twenty miles. Here were good quarters, both for man and beast; and it afforded satisfaction to find some real Friends, which I thought the man and his wife and three children appeared to be. We attended their meeting on first-day, and in the evening had a meeting at our lodgings to good satisfaction.

20th[.] After a parting opportunity with the family, we set out for Genito, forty miles, and reached Thomas Pleasants’. 22d. Had a meeting at Genito….

[Relevant Component(s), National Park Service Thematic Framework: Creating Social Institutions and Movements--Religious Institutions; Peopling Places--Community and Neighborhood]

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