Friend William Hunt Visits the Camp Creek Settlement, 1754

[“William Hunt,” The Friend… 36 (1863): 98-99:]

The next day, {19th [of the 6th month],} we went to James Stanley’s at Cedar Creek…and had a meeting at his house…. After meeting, I parted with my dear friends Rachel and Mary, and in company with Aun Chile, and her husband, Manoah, and Benjamin Harris, set off for Camp Creek. We rode about 30 miles that evening, to Phillip Hoggatt’s, and lodged that night. Next morning, 20th, Jane Hoggatt went with us to Camp Creek, it being 24 miles. We had a meeting there that day. Next day, 21st, we had a meeting at the widow Clark’s, about 14 miles. Next day, we went about 16 miles, and had a meeting at John Douglass’….

[Relevant Component(s), National Park Service Thematic Framework: Creating Social Institutions and Movements--Religious Institutions; Peopling Places--Community and Neighborhood]

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